Author: Leo Z

Comedy at the Ooley

Hey there, I’m Jason. A guy person that started doing stand-up about a year ago and was lucky enough to stumble into an awesome little gig as doorman for the Ooley Theater with the Comedy at the Ooley folks (a group of local comics that started up and run the collective). It’s a weekly stand-up

Why Are You Doing This?

When I first started doing stand up in Sacramento, I was always asked, “Why are you doing this?” “Because it’s so much fun,” I’d answer. And it was the most fun I had ever had, but I’m sure it didn’t look like it. I was painfully out of place in the young, mostly male, environment.

Why I Perform

Growing up, I had a personality that could stop a room. A family favorite story is when I was two-years-old and my uncle taught me how to cluck like a chicken, and like a sexy chicken. “Stephanie, what’s a chicken say?” “Bawk, bawk.” “Stephanie, what’s a sexy chicken say?” “Baawwwwk bawwwwk,” I crooned as I