Author: Rebecca Blanton

Black and White

Post by Auntie Vice   It is now clear to me, as a comic community, we need to have some pretty explicit conversations about race. For those of you who follow the SACT board on Facebook, you are probably aware that something went down at Vince’s mic a couple of weeks ago. I was not

…If you could not fail…

Post by Auntie Vice   So this morning I grabbed one of my roommate’s coffee mugs. It had the popular quote on it, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” So I started thinking about it. I couldn’t come up with anything because I have become super comfortable with failure. Failure

Confident? Hell No!

Post by Auntie Vice (This post originally appeared on Love Letters to a Unicorn and was inspired by conversations with a couple of local comics.) I have had a lot of conversations with people lately about body image and work. My public image and my work is largely based around sex and sexuality. My stand-up


Post by Auntie Vice   I have had conversations with a half-dozen female comics about dating. Universally, we all worry about the perceptions of our dating lives by other comics. None of us want to be seen as sleeping our way up the ladder. Additionally, we all tend to like comics, so there is a


Post by Auntie Vice   One thing I love about most comics I talk too is their burning desire and need to do stand-up. Almost unanimously, comics say that there is this desire to be on stage and make people laugh. Some are lucky and pursue comedy early in life, others do it much later.

Call to Action

Post by Auntie Vice This week, a lot of people have been posting about the similarity between Trump and Hitler. Robert Berry nailed it on the head this morning with his FB comment that “If someone would just shoot Trump, we could nip the ‘If you could go back in time and kill Trump’ conversation

Power in Vulnerablity

Post by Auntie Vice Comics, especially really good comics, are known for laying out their lives and pain on stage. Think Wyatt Cenak and his bit about his father’s murder, Robin Williams and his bits about drug addiction, Whoopi Goldberg’s first special and her piece on being a young Black girl and wanting long blonde hair. These

Bragging Rights

Post by Auntie Vice It’s official! I have been nominated for Book of the Year, nonfiction, 2016 by the BDSM Writers Guild. Golden Flogger Awards Awaiting confirmation I have made semi-finals in 2 more book competitions. Love Letters to a Unicorn: A book about bdsm, kink, and non-monogamy is available on Amazon and through me.

A Very Personal Post

Post by Auntie Vice December 2 is End Violence Against Women Day here in the United States. Not funny, I know, but directly related to comedy. Rape jokes are popular. I have addressed that before. Here is a bit more personal post. I was raped two years ago. I thought I was in a safe

Words Matter

Post by Auntie Vice Words matter to me. They always have. I love the bon mot. When I was in academics and politics, people didn’t worry too much about individual words other than the few that make a big difference in legal implications (e.g., the difference between “and” and “or” in licensing requirements). I started