Call to Action


Post by Auntie Vice

This week, a lot of people have been posting about the similarity between Trump and Hitler. Robert Berry nailed it on the head this morning with his FB comment that “If someone would just shoot Trump, we could nip the ‘If you could go back in time and kill Trump’ conversation in the bud.”

A lot of comics make political jokes, and a bunch of you make Trump jokes. Some of them are even funny. I have written before about how comedy has power and how we are now at a point socially where only the fool can speak truth to power. So, here is your call to action. Use your work to point out how dangerous this man is.

If you doubt the treat, here is a little background. Hitler came to power by inspiring average Germans to believe that there were “real Germans” and everyone else living in Germany. He targeted minority groups (Jews, Roma, Homosexuals) and blamed them for German’s economic and social ills. He convinced enough average Germans that they were doing the right and moral thing by supporting policies to create separation between these minorities and the rest of Germany. He supported ghettoization, eliminating immigration from specific groups, labeling, and so on. Eventually, enough Germans really believed minorities were a threat to the State, they believed they were doing the only thing they could to protect themselves and their families by supporting the establishment of concentration camps and then mass genocide.

We are prone to this in the United States. We long supported Jim Crow laws, Japanese internment, banning anyone of Asian decent from legally becoming a citizen, and allowing employers to discriminate based on national origin, race, sexual orientation and other random reasons. We still support some of these policies today. In most states people can still be fired for being gay, in almost every state people can be fired and kicked out of housing for being trans, we allow exemptions to fair hiring laws for a number of business categories, and there is a vast and detrimental dialogue about “Real Americans.”

Its up to the fools to point out the danger the U.S. is in. No one else seems to be able to do this effectively. We know FOX, CNN, and the network news stations will never have a rational discussion of the danger of continuing to give Trump voice. Its time we rise up and use our greatest tool, our ability to make people laugh and think at the same time, to fight back and protect ALL Americans from this pending horror show.