Comedy at the Ooley

Hey there,

I’m Jason. A guy person that started doing stand-up about a year ago and was lucky enough to stumble into an awesome little gig as doorman for the Ooley Theater with the Comedy at the Ooley folks (a group of local comics that started up and run the collective). It’s a weekly stand-up showcase that has been going strong in Sac for several years (booked gig, not an open mic). Out of town comics, local folks and touring famous folks have stopped through and use the Ooley as a place to work on new stuff, hone in old stuff and prep for upcoming shows. It’s been a invaluable experience for me to start as the doorman and eventually become a member of the Ooley, so I wanted to take a minute to explain why gigs like these are great for comics and show runners alike.

It was a real basic start for me, The Ooley needed a doorman and I wanted experience. These types of gigs exist all over and you just have to be willing to put in time to get your foot in the door. Initially (and arguably still) I was a horrible new comic so the Comedy at the Ooley cats wouldn’t always give me a spot on the show, even if I was working the door for free. I had to earn a 5 minute spot here and a 10 minute spot there, but most of the beginning was just me getting to sit from the sidelines and see how a stand-up showcase was run. I got to see how the comics talk to each other. How they treat the audience, theater owner, out of town comics and the neighborhood they were a part of. Little by little I earned more confidence and respect for the whole show and craft which led to them giving me more and more chances for stage time. A lot of this business is going to be these types of relationships just as much as it is about the actual stand-up.

Here’s where my specific story starts to matter to you, as the Ooley is establishing a residency program to give new and veteran comics a chance at stage time, to be a part of the Comedy at the Ooley tradition and a chance to temporarily join the best independent show in Sacramento. Here’s the breakdown to everyone interested:

Things the resident comic will need to do

1) run door and register
2) come an hour early
3) set up and tear down the stage
4) other show related tasks

Hit me up on the internet somewhere if you’re interested and I’ll get you in touch with the Ooley cats. Or just come to a show and have fun to see if you want to be a part of it.

Every Thursday – 8om – $8
The Ooley Theater 2007 28th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818

But, these kind of things aren’t just happening at the Ooley. These opportunities are all over town; or if you can’t find any, you can create your own. So, yeah, that’s stuff and things. Bye.

– Jason Anderson