Comedy hubris or my Mamaw deserves to laugh to

He/she (insert famous comics name here) is not funny. I’ve heard people make this pronouncement many times, with all the certainty of a scientist saying gravity is a thing that does exist. When it comes to comedy everyone is a expert, and thinks that their taste in comedy is a universal law and anyone that laughs at a show or comic they do not think is funny then well, that person must be a stupid dummy. For instance most comics I know do not find the Big Bang Theory funny, hell I’ll admit it’s not my cup of tea either, for that matter tea ain’t my cup of tea . But it also happens to be my Mamaw’s (that’s hoosier for grandmother for you californians reading this) favorite sitcom. I love watching it with her, and seeing her laugh brings me joy. I love my mamaw something fierce and would shank anyone in the gizzard if they told her that her that her favorite sitcom sucked. The moral to this story may be, not everything is for you, or me. I know that is hard to believe because we are freaking awesome and smell like cinnamon, but it’s true. So if you are a comedy snob who makes fun of people for laughing at Larry the Cable Guy or Carrot Top try to remember everyone deserves to laugh. Not only that, but they ARE funny to someone or they wouldn’t sell so may damn tickets. Life is hard, so let your fellow humans find laughter where they can, and like the greatest of all time Richard Pryor said go rub some shine on your face.