Don’t Run The Light

Comedians hate it when other comedians run the light (running the light is when the light comes on to wrap up, but you just keep going). Well, there’s something worse than that, and that’s when the driver of a car runs the light. That happened to me this morning. It’s happened other times too at the same intersection of Fruitridge and 79th St. I often make the left from 79th to go East on Fruitridge, but a lot of times idiots on Fruitridge just completely ignore the light. I almost got t-boned this morning because some pleb in a white Chevrolet Blazer ran the light. My light was green, I looked, it was clear, I pulled out to make my left, but the car on the other side hadn’t put on their blinker to turn left, so I didn’t know right away if I needed to wait for them to go. Plus, a lot of times the idiots coming from the other way will be going straight, but they try to wait for me to make my left! They have the right of way! So dumb… Anyway, so I’m in the middle of the intersection, and then I start to go, and this Blazer comes flying up, tilts forward, swerves around me, and continues on. I’m sure glad that guy isn’t doing comedy, and I hope he never does.

Fortunately I lived, unless you didn’t like my rendition of California Girls that I played tonight at The WAL.

After the mic, I just went home, played with my cats, and installed a door. I’ve been redoing my spare room after my evil housemate lived in it (they got evicted). The doors in the house had all been painted white, and I want to bring back some warmth and a nice mid-century feel since the house was built in 1957. So, I stripped the paint off some doors and oiled them with hemp oil. My parents actually helped because I guess my sister is going to live in there for a short time until she gets her own house with her husband. Anyway, and then I got brass hinges and a brass handle because it’s warmer and more period correct, I think.