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May 11, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Tower Brewing
Tower Brewing 1210 66th Street Unit B
Sacramento California 95819
Tower Brewery Open Mic (Sac) @ Tower Brewing

Hey folks!

It’s that time again! A time of renewal and creativity and healing and community. Righhhhttt onnnnnn.

Monday’s open mic will begin at 6:30pm sign ups as usual (though feel free to message me before to snag a spot beforehand.)

As usual, if it’s a tremendously busy evening with a lot of people, we’ll do one song each until everyone gets to play, and then start again from the top of the list. If it’s slower, two to three songs, and so on.

It IS all ages until 8:30pm, so sign up early if you need to play before then.

Otherwise, this place is just magical. There’s pizza that delivers, amazing beer, the best staff out there and an incredible sound system and stage.

Bring your new tunes, friends and even dogs!


Autumn & the Monday night Tower Brewing team ♥