My First Set of 2018

I don’t go to Laugh’s Unlimited for personal reasons, but I do go to The Sacramento Comedy Spot. I also don’t have any shows booked where I perform stand-up right now. I guess people don’t like me, or think I’m funny enough, or the right fit for their shows.

Anyway, so the Sunday Scramble at The Comedy Spot was my first opportunity to do a set this year, and I decided to take advantage of that. I actually watched most of the show, which I don’t usually do. Parker Newman was the host. He did some crowd work that made me giggle with delight, but then later that night he said it was bad. Well, I liked it.

I got up there. I was number 19, so it was late in the night, and half the audience had left by then. The ones that were still there, I told them that the other people had left because they couldn’t stand to listen to another joke get told. Also, there was one more comedian after me, and I didn’t want to make anyone else leave on account of hearing even just one more joke, because then there would hardly be anyone there for that guy. His name was like Hank or something. I told the crowd I would give them a break from jokes and hoped they would stay for Hank, or whatever his name was. I might have got it wrong. Anyway, I was able to make them laugh without telling them any jokes, and they stayed for Hank, so mission accomplished.

Of course, maybe they didn’t really laugh, and I just imagined it. I wonder that sometimes, because if people were really laughing, then you would think people would want to book me on shows more. I think it’s fine to consider that as a possibility, that maybe I’m delusional. I mean, it could be other reasons. But then, I guess if I’m just doing me, and having a fun time in other ways, then it doesn’t matter. Still, it’s fun to do actual shows instead of open mics all the time, and get paid for it. It gives a sense of accomplishment and validation that you just can’t get any other way. There were some shows that people were offering me, but I don’t trust those people, so I pretty much said no or asked for things I knew they wouldn’t give me. Those were shows I could have done, but I opted out because I want to surround myself with people that I trust. What’s more important?

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