Why I Perform

Growing up, I had a personality that could stop a room. A family favorite story is when I was two-years-old and my uncle taught me how to cluck like a chicken, and like a sexy chicken. “Stephanie, what’s a chicken say?” “Bawk, bawk.” “Stephanie, what’s a sexy chicken say?” “Baawwwwk bawwwwk,” I crooned as I


Are you a comic thinking about putting together a comedy group or show? Good idea. Producing is both awesome and rewarding. And sometimes even lucrative! Sometimes. If you’re a comic you already know the financial realities of your chosen profession. I’ve put together a few groups and shows that have had a lot of success.

Leo Zuniga on TV

The guy who started this all is producing a documentary on stand up comedians. Leo Zuniga will be on Fox 40’s morning show this Monday November 2nd and Good Day Sacramento 31 on the 7:00 hour on November 3rd. Keep an eye out for him and when you see him out tell him ‘great job.’