I saw a red BMW 320i today. I think it was like a 2014. You don’t really see them that color these days, so it caught my eye because it wasn’t white, silver, or black. The reason I saw it was because I go for walks on my lunch break a lot, and a lot of times when I do, I go to CarMax and just walk through all of the cars. I was bummed because it was an automatic. They also had a red first generation Chevrolet Colorado, which was just a nice basic version with no frills, but it was an automatic too, and they were shipping it to another location.

Anyway, tonight I ended up going to the WAL open mic again. I got some tea from Benjamin’s. I was a little bit bummed because when it was warmer, I had been getting smoothies, and there was a cute artist lady working there that I ordered smoothies from, but she hasn’t been there for a while.

I keep telling Brandon how I want to try to sing a song instead of doing comedy on the open mic, so tonight he made me do it, and I sang Little Deuce Coupe. I did it well enough for my first time, but I know I’ve done it better at home. People seemed happy that I had done it. Maybe next week I’ll ruin California Girls.

The other acts were amazing as usual. Their voices sound so good on the mic. Mine sounded weird to me, like not how I’m used to it sounding, so I guess if I keep doing this, I’ll have to get used to how my voice sounds on a mic.

After it was over, I just stood around and watched people put stuff away. You’re maybe wondering why I talked about the BMW. So check this out: I left the mic to go home, but remembered I needed to get a few more steps in to hit 10,000 for the day. I walked down to B-Side to see if my friend Eddie was working the door. No. I walked from B-Side down S St, and then headed South on 10th after I passed Old Ironsides. Upon rounding the corner, I saw a red 1989 – 92 Ford Ranger. It reminded me of the Chevrolet Colorado I had seen earlier in the day. I continued South on 10th St until I got to T, which is where I had parked. My car was closer to 11th St though, so I had to walk East on T to get to it. Then I saw another red BMW 320i, just like the one I had seen at CarMax. I couldn’t believe it.

Then, just like last time I blogged, I went to the Food Co-op. Last time I got butter, but this time I needed more hemp milk, and I bought a jar of salsa to use up some corn chips that I had. It was hard to get there though. I tried to take 10th to Q, and that was fine, but then Q was blocked off at 19th, so I tried to take 19th to S and go around like that, but the light at 19th and S took forever, plus there was a slow car in front of me, so even when the light turned green, I could barely move, and they made the left onto S as well. To make matters worse, a light rail went by just then too, so I had to wait again, and then the slow car in front of me was still super slow. Originally I had planned to take S to 21st, but I grew impatient with this slow car (a Nissan Sentra, I think), and turned left onto 20th instead. That worked out well, and I was able to quickly get back on Q, but then I hit the light at 21st and Q and had to wait. I was nervous that the Nissan was going to end up taking 21st to Q and end up in front of me again, but they didn’t. What did happen though, was that I ended up behind another slow car, this time a black Scion tC. It was at the stop sign at 26th and Q, just sitting there. It started to pull forward when I pulled up behind it, but then it stopped again. No pedestrians, no other cars crossing, so I decided to try to pass it. It was a tough call, because if they sped up, I only had two blocks until I needed to turn right on 28th to get to the Co-op, but fortunately I was able to pass them. I never did figure out why they were going so slow initially. Probably on their phone.

At the Co-op, I got scared because a silver Honda Accord pulled into one of the front parking spaces really fast as I was walking to the door. I was scared because it did it so fast, and also because I know that Honda’s typically honk their horns really loud when their owners use the remote to lock them, and I really wasn’t in the mood. Fortunately I was able to get inside before that happened. I grabbed a carton of hemp milk, and then started thinking if I needed anything else. I circled the isles. A few weeks ago there had been a cute cheese lady. She wasn’t there. I remembered my chips and decided to get some salsa. Normally I like Herdez, but it wasn’t on sale, so I got this other brand. When I checked out, the bagging lady noticed my Mozart shirt, and we had a fun conversation about it. She said she liked my sense of humor. I didn’t need a bag though because I only bought two items.