Sex Is Funny


Post by Auntie Vice


Okay, time for some more self promotion.

This year I created, produced, and am now launching a calendar and poster series. It is based on those horrible ‘Inspirational Posters’ people use at work. I did mine with a kinky twist.

I will be officially launching the Dungeon Chic line at Starlite Lounge on Nov. 20 at 8 PM. My models will be there to sign their images, I have vendors coming, and I have games set up. You really do have to have a cornhole game at a kinky calendar launch!

FREE entrance. A lot of local people stepped up for this project. Come out and show some love for people willing to do weird and mostly naked stuff for your enjoyment!

You can also check out my slightly offensive line of kink clothing and home goods at  for when you need shot glasses that read “Yay sluts!” or a t-shirt proclaiming you are FDA Approved.


Sample Images Below (all low-res because dumb people steal stuff)


Ambition: Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere. ~ Mae West

Model: Batty Brulee       Photographer: Charles Gunn



Hang in there kitten!

Model:  Baby Grand

Rigger: Carnal Solace

Photographer: Charles Gunn